ElectraLink’s regulated Data Transfer Service underpins the UK competitive electricity and gas industries.

Market participants are required to work together in order to exchange information about domestic customers. This information uses a common set of industry requirements to facilitate business-critical processes, such as settlement, change of supplier and metering, which are implemented through a centralised communications service: the DTS. This is owned and operated by ElectraLink, and governed by the DTS User Group. Visit our DTS Governance page for more information on DTS policy and change management procedures.

If you require a connection, go to our Joining The DTS page for instruction, and download our ElectraLink Welcome Pack for an overview of our Data Transfer and Governance Services.

Innovative Technology

The DTS has recently undergone a major technology transformation programme in order to allow existing and new customers to access the market via the latest, cloud-based technology. Among our gateway options, we offer next-generation cloud and virtual private network (VPN) technology.  We offer an innovative suite of value-added commercial services including file validation, auditing and centralised reporting. The DTS now has the capability to transmit electricity industry data flows in an XML format.

XML Capabilities

XML is a modern and common method of exchanging information that is readable by both machines and humans. Because many of the applications in use today use XML as standard, the introduction of an XML capability within the DTS will potentially enable parties to streamline internal processes by removing the need of translating XML files into the industry standard formats prior to transmitting over the DTS.

Please note that Users of the DTS will continue to be able to send and receive files in their preferred format including legacy industry standard formats and the service will convert the file formats where required. Translation to XML can be set up via configuration software provided as part of users’ connections to the DTS.

Documentation: A high level XML File Design Specification document describes how Users should structure the XML Files which are to be transferred between Users applications and the Data Transfer Network (DTN) Gateway. It also describes the principles, structure and syntactic rules for constructing XML Files. The document is generic, i.e. not specific to any particular data flow and is intended to apply to all Users of the DTS. The document should be used in conjunction with the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC – versions 3 and beyond), where the logical content of individual data flows is specified. The document also contains links to XML schemes.

The XML File Design Specification is provided to you within the data Transfer Handbook upon connecting to the DTS. It can also be found in the Data Transfer Handbook under the downloads section of our website. Please login to access or register with the ElectraLink website by following the Register link at the top right of this page.

If you are interested in learning more about the use of XML over the DTN please send an email to helpdesk@electralink.co.uk or call us on 020 7432 3012.