Joining the DTS

We are here to help your business connect to the industry using the Data Transfer Service.

You can access all the required information through our DTS Support Portal. For registration, contact our helpdesk by emailing Download our DTS Connection Map for guidance on our connection process, and the ElectraLink Welcome Pack for a clear overview of new entrant support.

There are two prerequisites to becoming a DTS user:

(1) Get a valid Market Participant Identifier (MPID) or Gas MDD Shortcode

The Market Participant ID (MPID) shortcode is a four-letter code in electricity, and the SPAA MDD shortcode is a three-letter code in gas. These codes are unique to your company and are a means of identifying you in the market. If you do not have an MPID, we must confirm that Elexon has reserved an MPID for you and is processing your application. For a SPAA MDD shortcode we require your MDD application to be approved by SPAA. Once these are confirmed we can proceed with setting up your gateway connection to the DTN.

For an electricity MPID please contact ELEXON by emailing for further information.

For a gas SPAA MDD Shortcode these are issued by Xoserve through SPAA Ltd by emailing

Xoserve can be contacted on email at

(2) Complete and return the items in our DTS Connection Pack, which can be accessed through our DTS Support Portal.

  1. If you are a gas market participant wishing to connect to the DTS in order to exchange gas flows or if you are an electricity party or green deal party wishing to connect to the DTS, please get in touch with the DTS Helpdesk for your access to the DTS Support Portal which provides all the information you need for your connection. Dual Fuel customers can use the same single Gateway connection to send and receive both electricity and gas format files.
  2. Completed and signed documents may be scanned and submitted via email to Countersigned documents will be returned to you via email. Your connection cannot be processed until receipt of your DTS accession fee of £100. You can pay this to ElectraLink Limited via BACS. BACS details will be made available as part of your starter pack, made availble through registration to our support portal.

Please contact for further guidance and access to our DTS Support Portal. Alternatively, you can call us on 020 7432 3012.