Help and Support

ElectraLink provides support for all Users of the Data Transfer Service through the provision of our Helpdesks, training and industry forums.

ElectraLink Helpdesk 09:00 to 17:30 Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)

Our Helpdesk records and manages incidents, service requests, new accessions and change requests. Please ensure ElectraLink has up to date contact details for you and you your team so we can effectively manage industry communications over the Data Transfer Network.

You can also view the latest help resources and log service requests via our new self-service portal. Please follow this link and you can then register to sign up to the service

Email or call 020 7432 3012.

DXC Helpdesk  24/7 DTS Technical support

The DXC Request Management Centre (RMC) logs incidents and routes them directly to technical experts.

Email or call 0203 684 6914.

Webtools Training and Support

Webtools is a suite of web-based tools provided with your Gateway connection to the Data Transfer Network. It is accessed via a Web browser and, until late 2017, is only optimised to be used with Internet Explorer.

Webtools allows you to:

  1. Create new routes so you can configure where data is delivered to.
  2. View Audit information so you have a real time view of the status of your messages
  3. Re-send data without having to regenerate it
  4. Re-collect without having the sender to re-send the data
  5. Generate or edit existing files using a tool call DFlowMaster (RGMA and NOSI flows are currently not supported in DFlowMaster)
  6. Manage User accounts
  7. View statistics
  8. Manage Reports

A number of User Guides are available to provide guidance and assistance on the different functionalities available within this tool. You can view and download these by accessing the Downloads page in the restricted area of our website. You must be a registered website user in order to access these. Please register by following the ‘Register’ link at the top right of this page, then find User Guides here.

ElectraLink will provide you with 1-1 or group training via remote session or by visiting our offices in Soho, London. Throughout the year, invitations to further training events are issued through our email broadcasts to the DTS User Community.

Industry Forums

In order to keep industry informed on the enhancements and industry-wide changes to network communications and code governance, ElectraLink hosts forums throughout the year.

For more information about events or to be added to our ElectraLink newsletter, please email