Green Deal Guidance


The Data Transfer Services is the mandated network for Green Deal Party communications

If you are considering becoming a Green Deal Party or are an agent representing a Green Deal Party, you will find links in these pages to some important documents to read in preparation for your accession and connection to ElectraLink’s Data Transfer Service.

If you are an existing DTS User e.g. Supplier, then you will be able to use your current Gateway to send and receive the new Green Deal DTC flows. Please advise us via your assigned DTS Contract Manager of any new and approved MPIDs and Role Codes which require to be assigned to your Gateway.

You must contact for advice on how to accede to apply for new MPIDs and Role Codes and to request access to the GDCC. For accession to the GDAA, potential parties should write to

The use of the DTN is mandated in the Green Deal Arrangement Agreement (GDAA). In order to become a DTS user, you need to accede to the Data Transfer Services Agreement (DTSA).

  1. You must accede to the GDAA first and then provide evidence of your accession to ElectraLink in order to accede to the DTSA.
  2. Upon accession to the GDAA, please contact ElectraLink in order to complete your physical connection to the Data Transfer Service.
  3. You can however complete the DTS connection Application Form if you have been allocated with an MPID and Role Code(s) and present proof of GDAA accession at a later point but we will only connect you after you have done this.

Joining the Data Transfer Service

  1. GDAA – All parties must be signatories to the GDAA prior to DTSA accession and physical connection to the DTS.
  2. Market Participant ID – Before joining the DTS, you must have a Market Participant ID (MPID) allocated to your company, a combination of four letters. These are usually allocated by Elexon but Gemserv’s Green Deal Central Administration Service (CAS) is at present coordinating these activities. Please contact for further information.
  3. Visit our Join the DTS page for your DTS starter pack.

Recommended Reading

  • Data Transfer Service Overview – To download a two page fact sheet which summarises the Data Transfer Service i.e. how it is physically structured, how files are transferred and routed and the software tools used to monitor your incoming and out-going data, please see the ElectraLink Welcome Pack.
  • Additional Documents – Additional technical documents such as the DTS User Guide and DTS Remote Gateway User Guides as well as other useful information are available after you accede and connect to the DTN. Please contact ElectraLink about these.

If you require assistance or guidance please contact or call us on 020 7432 3012.