Data Transfer Service

If you’re thinking of becoming a user or just want to understand what the DTS is, you can find an overview of the service here. If you would like to understand the steps to get started please follow this link.

What is the DTS?

The DTS is the regulated service that underpins the UK competitive electricity industry and enables market competition. In the deregulated market, market participants are required to work together in order to exchange information about domestic customers. This information interchange uses a common set of industry requirements to facilitate business-critical processes, such as settlement, change of supplier and metering, which are implemented through a centralised communications service: the DTS. This is owned and maintained by ElectraLink.

Energy Market Data Hub (EMDH) Transformation

For over 20 years ElectraLink has supported the evolution of the Energy Market with consistent and reliable delivery of industry messaging using the Data Transfer Service. From its inception in 1998, the DTS has underpinned competition and growth in the market through flexible, secure and trusted data transfer. Always staying ahead of the technology curve, the DTS adopted virtual private cloud technology and open source platforms in 2013 to ensure it can support dramatic growth whilst reducing costs to industry.

The energy market is continually changing and the reliable and timely sharing of data is now vital to commercial success. At Electralink, we are ensuring that our customers can continue to succeed in the future by developing the Energy Market Data Hub (EMDH). The EMDH will continue provide the service  that our clients rely on today and deliver the applications and services that they will need tomorrow. The EMDH will be more than a data transfer network. It will enable real time access to centralised industry providing our customers with data, functions and insights that they will need into the future.

In 2018 ElectraLink delivers:

  • Trusted, secure connections for 265 industry parties covering Suppliers, DNO’s, Agents and central bodies.
  • Market leading customer satisfaction
  • Delivery of 135Gb of data a month growing at 25% year-on-year
  • A flexible, usable governance structure enabling the production of the DTS data lake
  • Data transfer for vital industry processes including Switching, Smart Rollout and Settlement
  • Full support services and a range of additional applications to enhance usability and market access for our customers
  • A range of low cost flexible connection options to suit market participants at any scale

…Continuing innovation.

  • Electralink has a unique opportunity to re-engineer the DTS to support the needs of the energy market for the next 20 years.
  • Our vision is the Energy Market Data Hub. EMDH.

To learn more about the transformation from the Data Transfer Service to the Energy Market Data Hub, visit here.