Data is the critical component to roll out long-lasting positive change initiatives. We support energy efficiency, vulnerable customer and low carbon technology projects with organisations including distribution network operators, local authorities and environmental groups. Our aim is to help you identify areas of improvement and benefit people and the planet.

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Evidenced-based justification for your projects supporting the transition to Net Zero.
Monitor changing infrastructure requirements for improved future planning.
Understand energy habits to identify groups of customers most heavily impacted by changing circumstances.
Support change for the betterment of the energy industry and its people through sharing of information.

Data for Positive Change in Action

ElectraLink works with a variety of established and start-up organisations from many industries to make energy market data accessible for digital solutions and new use cases.

Net Zero at ElectraLink
As of March 2022, we are officially carbon neutral and achieved this through a data-driven certification.
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Carbon Tracking

Site level consumption data enables carbon tracking to monitor emissions and plan for reduction strategies to achieve net zero.


Our datasets can identify properties with potential vulnerable characteristics, such as prepayment meters being installed, and can be used to discover trends and habits of households with an at-risk energy supply and build a toolbox for mitigating actions.

Energy Efficiency

Property consumption profiles can be developed to identify energy efficiency needs and create investment plans to upgrade efficiency levels.

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