Our expertise in data analysis applies to all manner of challenges and questions. We aim to empower your evidence-based discovery of trends, fact verification and areas needing attention, enabling connections with new partners to assess capabilities, enhance functionality and improve problem-solving.

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Utilise real data within the market to identify trends, enabling you to understand competitor performance to inform proactive, strategic decisions.
Better understand your business’ progress and performance against industry targets and expectations.
Discover answers to industry questions with support from our data experts.
Explore insights uncovered by industry partners and use popular data sets to reshape outputs according to your needs.
Gain unique perspectives, whether you’re exploring whole industry or countrywide trends or want to delve into the detail of smaller data sets.
Proactively improve your competitive advantage through a greater understanding of internal capabilities.

Data for Insight in Action

ElectraLink works with a variety of established and start-up organisations from many industries to make energy market data accessible for digital solutions and new use cases.

Smart meter installations
Our monthly maps show regional smart meter installations revealing the ongoing status of the rollout.
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EMPRIS is an analytics platform that empowers users of all experience levels to interrogate raw data and generate new insights into the UK energy market.


FixET supplies data on erroneous transfers to enable you to find where issues need to be resolved and to reduce ETs and poor customer experience.


SmartInsight provides site level meter details so you can understand localised aspects of the smart meter rollout.


GridView maps out half hourly energy consumption at GSP Group level so you can identify and monitor supply and demand trends across wide geographies.


SmetTrack makes electricity smart meter exchanges visible so you can find trends in the GB smart meter rollout.


SwitchTrack reveals change of energy supplier data so you can discover trends across many variables in GB switching activity.

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