When it comes to understanding complex data sets, a multitude of people with differing skills need to stay informed. Our solutions enable business-wide visual engagement with data, distilling the key messages and displaying them in a user-friendly manner. You will gain meaningful visibility to identify trends, compare variables, and monitor asset performance at a holistic level.

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Break down barriers of communication between technical and non-technical audiences through the graphical representation of complex data sets.
Empower teams to interrogate data without requiring a specialised developer skillset.
Collaborate with our data experts to identify and distil energy behaviours and activities that can be shared cross-departmentally through visualisations.
Learn how to curate visual displays to present information in new ways that draw focus to key components.
Condense large volumes of data into easy-to-digest displays.
Enhance insight sharing across your organisation.

Data for Communication in Action

ElectraLink works with a variety of established and start-up organisations from many industries to make energy market data accessible for digital solutions and new use cases.

Supporting Switching
Since 2019, ElectraLink has generated free monthly change of supplier reports for the market.
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NetGen uncovers network-connected embedded generation so you can understand low carbon technology proliferation.


SmartInsight provides site level meter details so you can understand localised aspects of the smart meter rollout.


GridView maps out half hourly energy consumption at GSP Group level so you can identify and monitor supply and demand trends across wide geographies.


SmetTrack makes electricity smart meter exchanges visible so you can find trends in the GB smart meter rollout.


SwitchTrack reveals change of energy supplier data so you can discover trends across many variables in GB switching activity.

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