We provide the critical component to roll out long-lasting positive change initiatives: data. If you need support with energy efficiency, vulnerable customer, or low carbon technology projects, you can leverage our experience with customers including DNOs, local authorities and environmental groups to identify areas of improvement and benefit people and the planet.

Benefits of our data for positive change solutions…

  • Evidenced-based justification for your projects supporting the transition to Net Zero.
  • Monitor changing infrastructure requirements for improved future planning.
  • Understand energy habits to identify groups of customers most heavily impacted by changing circumstances.

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Data for positive change at ElectraLink

As an SME with well-rehearsed remote working capabilities and high standards for our site facilities, our emissions primarily come from business travel and office electricity consumption. For full accountability of our operating emissions volume, on top of these sources, we have captured data on carbon emitted directly from commuting and home-working. As of March 2022, we are officially carbon neutral – as certified by Carbon Neutral Britain.



“For a business to achieve net zero, it takes a united, cross-organisation effort to decide on principles, set targets and involve all colleagues in achieving the actions we have chosen.”

Alexander Heron, Net Zero project manager and Head of Business Improvement

Why ElectraLink?


no project is too big or small


solutions designed to suit your business


we operate within controlled, safe environments



experiment with anonymised, real-life data


gain whole-industry or countrywide perspectives

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