Our expertise in data analysis applies to all manner of challenges and questions. We aim to empower your evidence-based discovery of facts, trends, and pain points, enabling connections with new partners to assess capabilities, enhance functionality and improve problem-solving.

Benefits of our data for insight solutions…

  • Utilise real data within the market to identify trends, enabling you to understand competitor performance to inform proactive, strategic decisions.
  • Better understand your business’ progress and performance against industry targets and expectations.
  • Discover answers to industry questions with support from our data experts.
  • Explore insights uncovered by industry partners and use popular data sets to reshape outputs according to your needs.
  • Gain unique perspectives, whether you’re exploring whole industry or countrywide trends or want to delve into the detail of smaller data sets.
  • Proactively improve your competitive advantage through a greater understanding of internal capabilities.


Solutions for insight:

| FixEt | SmartInsight | GridView | SmetTrack | SwitchTrack | EMPRIS | 

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A popular use of data for insight is to find information on switching trends based on market and economic events. Understanding switching data allows you to explore the rapid changes in the supplier market and can form the basis for decision making, such as making a risk assessment of launching a new business within the supplier arena.

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experiment with anonymised, real-life data


gain whole-industry or countrywide perspectives

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