We are leaders in data-driven innovation in the GB energy market. Our expert knowledge and variety of data sets enrich the quality and diversity of information entering your systems to develop creative, scalable solutions and overcome your and the industry’s challenges.

Benefits of our data for innovation solutions…

  • Brings experimental ideas and business models to life.
  • Provides data and environments to trial new offerings or product development, including MVPs and POCs, based on real data that has been pseudonymised allowing you to test ‘in real life’.
  • Utilise data from outside of your sector to add another layer of intelligence to your project development process.
  • No project is too large or small – whether you are looking to make minor innovative enhancements to internal processes or working on large-scale, cross-industry funded innovation projects, we can help.
  • Observe the energy landscape as a whole.
  • Identify energy profiles to detect opportunities that can be maximised and issues that can then be resolved.

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A collaborative project between ElectraLink and multiple automotive businesses enabled cross-industry data sharing to provide visibility of connections and the installation of electric vehicles (EV) chargers on the electricity network.  

The project offered a solution for network operators who previously had no visibility of new connections and enabled proactive maintenance of high demand areas resulting in cost savings by minimising faults through forward planning.  

Why ElectraLink?


no project is too big or small


solutions designed to suit your business


we operate within controlled, safe environments



experiment with anonymised, real-life data


gain whole-industry or countrywide perspectives

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