We add real value through data for a better customer experience – with such limited price variance in the market, an excellent experience has never been more important. We deliver access to information and systems integration to fill gaps in your data quicker and more accurately, allowing you to better understand and serve your customers while giving your offering room to grow.

Benefits of our data for customer success solutions…

  • Enhance customer acquisition through tools that identify site-level information, streamlining quoting processes.
  • Simplify customer onboarding and ongoing journey by using data to fill in gaps and lessen the burden on customers with information supplied through a service rather than obtained from the customer.
  • Ensure information accessed is accurate to reduce errors and avoid ‘bill shock’ for customers.
  • Improve customer retention with visibility of their customer journey to better understand their needs and identify suitable opportunities for contact.
  • A compliant way to access customer data as consent is built into the process.


Solutions for customer success:

QuoteRight | DataGenie | MeterGenie | QuoteBusiness | SwitchTrack | DUoS e-Billing | MeterReader

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Within the intermediary market, such as price comparison websites, ElectraLink’s data has bolstered customer acquisition by enabling secure and compliant access to consumption data allowing them to provide a more accurate quote and improve win rates.

Why ElectraLink?


no project is too big or small


solutions designed to suit your business


we operate within controlled, safe environments



experiment with anonymised, real-life data


gain whole-industry or countrywide perspectives

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