Ensuring data is safely and securely transferred is what we do, but our data connectivity solutions go beyond that. Our expertise lies in lowering barriers, navigating regulatory challenges and delivering meaningful, useful outputs across shared data sets and cross-industry connections. Our systems enable the flexible flow of information across utilities to support core industry processes and the energy industry’s transformation whilst upholding compliance.

Benefits of our data for connectivity solutions…

  • Securely transfer customer data to facilitate switching and billing.
  • Remove obstacles to accessing multiple data sets across the entire energy market through an established governance process.
  • Customise data flows to empower collaboration between market players.
  • Create duplications of vital business data to enable seamless migration to new systems.
  • End-to-end support and customer service for new and established market participants with access to a helpdesk for speedy resolutions.


Solutions for connectivity:

DTS | RGMAConnect | CSSConnect | HHSConnect 

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The success of the DTS has been the responsibility of ElectraLink since 1998. For decades, it has been a trusted, reliable, and longstanding service for the operation of the retail energy market in the UK.

Why ElectraLink?


no project is too big or small


solutions designed to suit your business


we operate within controlled, safe environments



experiment with anonymised, real-life data


gain whole-industry or countrywide perspectives

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