When it comes to understanding complex data sets, a variety of stakeholders with differing skills need to stay informed. Our solutions enable cross-departmental teams to engage with data visually, distilling the key messages and displaying them in a user-friendly manner, tailored to the audience. It will allow you to gain meaningful visibility to identify trends, perform comparisons, and monitor asset performance at a holistic level.

Benefits of our data for communication solutions…

  • Break down barriers of communication between technical and non-technical audiences through the graphical representation of complex data sets.
  • Collaborate with our data experts to identify and distil energy behaviours and activities that can be shared cross-departmentally through visualisations.
  • Learn how to curate visual displays to present information in new ways that draw focus to key components.
  • Condense large volumes of data into easy to digest displays.

Solutions for communication:

NetGen | SmartInsight | GridView | SmetTrack | SwitchTrack |

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One of our customers sought to better understand energy switching activity across the UK. The data that highlighted this was vast and, interpreting it visually, we were able to produce an interactive heat-map representing activity over an extended period.

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