Customer Insight


Our Customer Insight Service provides deep insights into customer electricity and gas switching behaviour by meter class, geographic area, and Supplier category and can be used to drive and measure customer targeting, retention and win-back campaigns.



The level of competition in the UK electricity and gas industry is increasing. There are now almost 50 Suppliers competing for domestic and business electricity and gas customers. The “Big 6” Suppliers’ market dominance is under unprecedented threat from “challenger brands” and new entrants.

The graph to the left shows the migration of electricity customers from “Big 6” to “challengers” and new entrants over the last 4 years. With pressure on marketing budgets, the need for Suppliers to have clear insight into the effectiveness of marketing and sales execution has never been more important.




How ElectraLink’s Customer Insight Service can help

The DTS supports market processes including electricity and gas change of supplier – analysis of this data provides a unique and comprehensive picture of fuel switching behaviour in the UK. We are also able to draw upon other DTS flows such as meter installation and settlement data in order to provide richer and more holistic customer insights. This enables us to segment switching behaviour by meter class (smart vs legacy); level of consumption (by EAC profile); or profile class (domestic vs business). We can also provide insights by geographic area and Supplier “tier” so that marketers can assess the impact of new customer and win-back campaigns locally, regionally or nationally.

Our data can be combined with additional data sets (e.g. geodemographic, tariff and comparison web-site) to provide further levels of insight.

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