ElectraLink is always looking for new ways to deliver additional value to our customers, harnessing our data transfer expertise and trusted technology. CSSConnect was developed to support stakeholders to prepare their organisations for Ofgem’s faster switching programme. This adaptor solution uses your existing Data Transfer Service (DTS) connection points to transfer real-time data between your systems and the Central Switching Service (CSS) systems.

CSSConnect Benefits

Available to all DTS users
Enables secure, near real-time sharing of information between switching parties
No upfront costs for development or deployment
Fixed monthly charge payable only from when the service becomes operational
Reduces risk to users by re-using an existing service that is proven and reliable, removing the need to integrate with an additional network
Provides a platform for future innovation

Problems We Can Help You Solve

"The development costs to connect to the DCC’s systems are currently beyond our means"

Our solution

Make use of your existing connections to central industry systems and avoid costly overheads. You already put the resources into your DTS connection, now make the most of it to facilitate faster switching for households and businesses.

"We are not confident in the terms and conditions adaptor providers have suggested"

Our solution

CSSConnect once again provides you with clarity and familiarity as the Data Transfer Services Agreement (DTSA) – which regulates DTS connections – also covers our adaptor solution. Exploit your existing DTSA knowledge to avoid lengthy contractual negotiations with third party technology firms.

"The adaptor solution we built ourselves is failing to deliver the results we expected"

Our solution

An unsatisfactory service ends up costing you more in the long run. Shifting your operations to CSSConnect means you will benefit from a system as reliable as the DTS with no upfront costs and our support to integrate with the DCC’s systems.

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