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This first of its kind web-based tool untangles the complex web of energy rulebooks, to introduce greater efficiency to code management and make it easier for Code Members to ensure compliance. CodeNavigator enables users to easily find the information – including obligations – that is relevant to them without having to spend time sifting through the endless papers or PDF pages.

How will it benefit you?
  • Unifies information – CodeNavigator groups obligations by function to put the information into context and improve understanding.
  • Personalised experience – The information can be viewed depending on your interest in the code, presenting only the obligations that are relevant to you in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Agile – CodeNavigator can be used across the code landscape and can be adapted to meet the evolution of each code, while still maintaining its ease of use.
  • Customer focused – The end customer should be at the heart of all regulation. CodeNavigator allows the customer to engage with the code in a way that makes sense to them.
  • Increases accessibility – By committing to plain English by default and providing simplified navigation, complex documentation can made accessible to even the most uninitiated stakeholder.
  • Improves understanding – CodeNavigator helps to demystify the market, untangling the complex web of rulebooks to improve understanding – important because increased understanding means greater compliance.


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