ElectraLink developed CheckIt to make sure Data Transfer Service (DTS) users were all speaking the same language when sending and receiving data to fulfil critical industry processes. CheckIt validates data flows’ structures and contents before the flows are transferred across the DTS and ingested into market participants’ systems.

CheckIt Benefits

Reduces your risk of errors
Reduces your risk of costly and time-consuming interventions
Gives the ability to test system changes before they go live

Problems We Can Help You Solve

"Our systems keep accepting industry data with poor flow content"

Our solution

CheckIt validates your flows’ structure and content before you send them, but it also acts as the first line of defence against incorrect flows from your industry peers. This protection is highly effective for new systems or flow requirements while all parties come to grips with change.

"We only need to validate flows for a set period"

Our solution

CheckIt is a commercial offering to DTS users, so you have flexibility in how you use it. ElectraLink works with customers to deliver their individual needs and CheckIt can be used for one-off, ad-hoc projects or transformations as well as enduring terms.

"We don’t have many incorrect flows going out, but when we do it takes ages to correct them"

Our solution

CheckIt was built for this very purpose: to prevent errors and reduce costly interventions. And on the rare occasions that interventions are needed, our highly experienced helpdesk team will support you the whole way.

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