What is Check-It?

Check-It allows all Data Transfer Service (DTS) participants to guarantee that the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) electricity format files that they compose and transfer over the DTS have the correct structure and Market Domain Data (MDD) content before issuing them for transmission to other market participants. It also allows the validation of files received from other market participants before accepting them into your internal systems.

Check-It can be used in ad-hoc scenarios, such as the testing of new systems and processes, or in a more ‘always on’, enduring environment. This is a commercial service that is available to all participants transferring files over the DTS.

The core underlying software of Check-It shadows the industry’s DTC so that any future changes to the DTC (new or modified flows or data items) will automatically be catered for.


How will it benefit you?
  •  Reduces your risk of errors
  •  Reduces your risk of costly and time-consuming interventions which would be needed if errors occur
  •  You will have the ability to test system changes before they go live