Data is the New Black

Published: July 13, 2018

by Gill Nowell, DSO Lead Energy comes in all shapes and sizes, and even more so in recent years. Solar panels are now a common sight, littering our roof tops and lounging in vast arrays on the ground. Electric vehicles are on the rise on our roads, in their silent bid to combat air pollution and reduce carbon emissions. National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios 2018 (FES 2018) predict that there will be up to 36 million electric vehicles on UK roads by 2040.

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Collaboration – Best Practice for Energy Sector Tackling Theft

Published: July 11, 2018

Michelle Simpson, Contract and Procurement Manager, ElectraLink On Tuesday 5th June, we hosted the second Theft Best Practice Forum, on behalf of SPAA and DCUSA, to an engaged crowd who really enjoyed the location which was the Amba Hotel.  (Thanks so much to the Amba for its fantastic customer service and for enabling ElectraLink to repeatedly host there; our events there are always very well received).

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A Day in the Life…

Published: July 3, 2018

Dylan Townsend, Senior Governance Services Analyst, Governance Services I joined ElectraLink in November 2016 as a Governance Services Analyst within the DCUSA team after previously working for an energy company back home in Australia.  Eighteen months later, and I have been promoted to a Senior Analyst and am thoroughly enjoying the challenging, empowering and dynamic environment that I work in. It is a bit of a cliché but genuinely no day is exactly the same and what I really enjoy is the mix of regular, cyclical high-profile industry meetings that I am responsible for organising and documenting. 

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YEP Awards Reward Up and Coming Energy Talent

Published: June 26, 2018

Joseph Underwood, Senior Governance Services Analyst On 27th April 2018, Energy UK hosted the fourth Young Energy Professional (YEP) Awards, sponsored by ElectraLink. This on-going event is a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate the successes of young professionals throughout the energy industry. Kicking off with a champagne reception, black tie-clad attendees arrived and mingled with acquaintances old and new, in the ballroom of the Hilton Bankside Hotel. 

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A Day in the Life …

Published: June 1, 2018

Kamran Rahman, Metering Analyst, Governance Services A day in the life of… Fasting in Ramadan! Not even water?! The most common question asked during the Fasting month of Ramadan. Yes, Muslims do not even drink water during fasting! Islam is based upon 5 fundamental pillars, and fasting is the fourth pillar of Islam. The others being; faith, prayer, charity and pilgrimage.

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