Digitalising a customer-centric DCUSA

Published: January 14, 2022

Digitalisation is sweeping across the energy market bringing efficiency, investment and innovative solutions to facilitate the industry’s Net Zero transformation. From large-scale customer systems to focused process improvers, digital solutions are becoming commonplace in the world of energy codes as well as the wider industry.

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How Covid changed GB electricity consumption, and what that tells us about productivity

Published: January 10, 2022

In March /April 2020, as the country shut down due to the then novel Coronavirus pandemic, we witnessed a sweeping change in energy consumption patterns across the UK. As workplaces limited staff access to enable social distancing, or closed their doors completely, electricity consumption plummeted. As the pandemic progresses, we are seeing noteworthy productivity patterns shift with every new breakthrough or setback in the national response to Covid-19.

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In the midst of uncertainty we are eager to start anew, by CEO Dan Hopkinson

Published: December 15, 2021

A summer of fewer closed borders and well-deserved time-off has come to an end. This has not been without its hurdles as increased demand puts pressure on supply chains and labour shortages impact various industries. As we move into colder weather and planning for next year against the backdrop of a new variant, our attention is pulled towards overcoming these challenges while getting ready for 2022.

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Protecting customers through the SoLR process

Published: November 24, 2021

Unprecedented – A word we have grown tired of this past couple of years, but all too fitting when describing the events in the energy market this year. With record high prices leading to a record number of suppliers leaving the market, the domestic energy supply market has never been so volatile.

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Securing data democracy

Published: November 23, 2021

One of ElectraLink’s key strategies for the next few years is to increase data transparency and accessibility in the energy market. However, we are aiming to achieve this is an environment of heightened risks and concerns about data and system security. There have been some high-profile data breaches dominating the news, many occurring in sectors which would not be considered a target.

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