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Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services team has over 45 years of combined working experience across the ever-changing energy regulatory and governance landscape. Our expertise makes us an ideal partner in the implementation, facilitation and change management of energy market governance arrangements.

We provide an independent practical view of how organisations can reduce costs, increase process efficiency and maintain compliance – whether you are a new or existing market participant.

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Working as a central body at the heart of the energy industry means we are uniquely placed to provide independent advisory services and support in the following areas:

Innovation Brokerage

ElectraLink’s Advisory Services team can assist innovators and energy market participants with independent advice and support on innovative ideas and ground-breaking projects. Among other expert services, the team offers project management support, advice on regulatory and governance impacts, contacts for partnerships and liaison with Ofgem’s Innovation Link.

Above and beyond that, ElectraLink is the Code Manager for DCUSA. We are, therefore, able to provide expert advice and support to anyone wishing to enter the DCUSA Innovation Sandbox.

Watch our most recent webinar for more info.


Data and Digitalisation

ElectraLink is known for the energy market data we hold and our detailed knowledge of this data, enabling us to provide unique and creative insights into the state of the energy market. Our subject matter experts in the Advisory Services team draw from this understanding to provide customer insight by unifying information, increasing accessibility to lower market entry barriers, and enabling informed decision-making. We deliver digital solutions that are customer-focused and personalised for our stakeholders, whether this is documentation or data and analytics.

Our digitalisation services are agile and deliver immediate benefits to our stakeholders. We have been able to take our governance codes, DCUSA and SMICoP, into the future by creating digitalised, accessible versions of the codes and making it easier for our customers to navigate and understand their complex nature and underlying requirements.


At ElectraLink, we understand the ongoing evolution of electricity and gas markets combined with the challenges of climate change, decarbonisation, innovation rollout and the transition to new ways of operating our networks and energy system.

Our subject matter experts within the Advisory Services team provide a wide range of services that can help you navigate a complex regulatory landscape, deliver new service propositions and develop a network strategy.

We offer regulatory and code advice, consultancy services, block-booked consultancy days, project management, report writing, industry representation, innovation and workshop services.

Read the governance guidance we developed for SSEN’s TRANSITION and Project LEO

Compliance Health Checks

ElectraLink has over a decade of experience in the complex governance and regulation model in the energy market, and we realise this is sometimes difficult to understand.

Our subject matter experts in the Advisory Services team can help you navigate this complex world through our expert advice on the energy codes and licence conditions.

Our compliance checks include plans, workshops and training sessions to help your staff understand what they need to do and ensure your company fully understands the rules and regulations you are obliged to follow.


With the upcoming introduction of the Central Switching Service (CSS), the retail energy space is changing to benefit households and businesses. At ElectraLink, our subject matter experts in the Advisory Services team have already assisted organisations which the CSS will affect, clarifying the programme’s aims and requirements while supporting customers with their business’s unique changes.

If your business is affected by the introduction of the CSS, we can help you to understand how the changes will impact you through tailored assessments, advice and training, depending on your existing knowledge.

The Advisory Services team also has been at the centre of developing and facilitating businesses’ transition to the Retail Energy Code (REC) and how governance arrangements will play out in a world of faster switching.

Market Entry and Accreditation

ElectraLink has been at the centre of shaping and supporting the expansion of the UK energy market’s operations and processes, seeking to establish a common and fair playing field for innovative, new market participants. The Advisory Services team can provide market entrants with the controls, guidance and support to become established participants in this evolving market.

Our Market Entry and Accreditation services assess and synthesize your business’s operational protocols and train staff in compliance requirements using our experience in assurance and process enhancement.

The Advisory Services team can also provide MAM/AMI accreditation support, performance assurance best practice, retail operational processes, gap analysis, risk analysis, training and frameworks for a variety of businesses to enter the market with ease.

Gas shipper support

Gas shippers play a vital role in the energy system, adding value through innovation and reliability which enables a dependable gas supply to homes and businesses. The pressures of decarbonisation and energy efficiency have led to a constant flow of new challenges for shippers to face in tandem with existing complexities of an increasingly specialised and regulated industry.

The ElectraLink Advisory Services team provides a range of services geared towards gas shippers to help you navigate a complex regulatory landscape, control operating costs, understand your data and explore emerging opportunities.

Advising the market on TPIs

TPIs have become significant partners for energy suppliers and aggregators, and are a great source of new customers. However, the TPI market is not yet regulated, and suppliers can gain from greater scrutiny of TPI partners and high standards.

An effective TPI Assurance framework will minimise the risk of failure against Ofgem’s incoming licence condition changes by ensuring TPI partners understand and comply with their obligations. An effective framework will also provide clear guidance around selling practices and reduce the risk of future claim. To give suppliers and aggregators confidence in TPI compliance, our Advisory Services team works with you to identify best practices and inhouse protections to improve our relationships with TPI partners.

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