Corporate Responsibility

ElectraLink takes its corporate, social responsibilities to the wider world seriously. Recognising our obligation to contribute to the community around us, we are committed to playing a leading role in achieving a sustainable future.

ElectraLink’s “Care for London” Campaign

We recognise our corporate, social responsibility to make a positive impact on the lives of our business stakeholders, and of the wider community. Through our #careforlondon campaign, we support our ElectraLink employees and encourage our corporate stakeholders to sponsor a variety of charity’s or support community initiatives through allocated volunteer days. Join our campaign by taking part in an initiative near you and telling us all about it. Here are some of the charity’s we support:




Environmental Policy

ElectraLink’s services support the smooth operation and governance of the UK’s gas and electricity markets. Environmental issues are a driver of change in these markets, for which ElectraLink is committed to supporting them throughout the entire business. We recognise that our business activities include aspects that have an environmental impact, such as maintaining an office, hosting meetings, and employee or business travel. ElectraLink is committed to ensuring these business activities are annually reviewed to minimises any adverse environmental impact.

To assist with these objectives, an Environmental Management System (EMS) has been implemented in accordance with the applicable requirements of ISO 14001:2004, ensuring:

  • current and future applicable legislation is complied with at all times,
  • legislation and other requirements (such as voluntary codes and standards) are monitored and reviewed for applicability to the company,
  • all current and future business activities are included within the EMS,
  • objectives and targets for measuring and improving environmental performance, and for preventing pollution, are set, monitored and reviewed,
  • all employees, including new starters, are made aware of their environmental responsibilities,
  • suppliers and sub-contractors are actively encouraged to operate with due consideration for their environmental impacts,
  • environmental performance and compliance with the EMS is monitored and reported at Executive Management level.

ElectraLink has dedicated people to ensuring that our EMS is effectively implemented and maintained, and to report on all aspects of environmental performance. The Senior Management Team of ElectraLink is committed to continually improving the EMS, and shall periodically review the Environmental Policy and the EMS to ensure they are consistent and effective, up to date, in line with business objectives and compliant with legislation and best practice.