ElectraLink was created in 1998 by the UK’s Electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to provide an independent, secure and low-cost service to transfer data between the participants in the deregulated UK electricity market. The company continues to operate the regulated Data Transfer Service (DTS) that underpins supplier switching, meter interoperability and other processes critical to a competitive energy market.

Our position at the heart of the UK energy industry also gives us a unique capability to provide other services crucial to the gas and electricity markets:

  • ElectraLink provides unique market insight through analysis of the DTS market data that we process in our central industry role.
  • ElectraLink’s reputation for impartiality and energy market expertise makes us an ideal partner in the implementation and change management of energy industry Governance arrangements.
  • ElectraLink’s established Data Transfer Network (DTN) supports the development of more efficient market processes at a time of rapid energy industry change.

We also contribute to the energy industry as thought leaders and innovators, sharing our knowledge and providing insight into the future of the market. You can find some of our recent publications here.

Please contact us on 0207 432 3000 to find out how ElectraLink can help your business.¬†Alternatively you can email us at [email protected]