Our Company

ElectraLink puts data first, providing data-driven solutions that support innovation, improve the communication of technically complex data, improve connectivity, and drive positive change resulting in increased customer success and unrivalled insight. Our customers include energy and utilities market participants, asset and property managers, the UK Government, app developers and brokers.

Since 1998, ElectraLink has operated the independent network and service that transfers data between energy companies in the UK electricity market – also known as the Data Transfer Service (DTS). Alongside secretariat and advisory functions, our data provision and cloud-based data analysis solutions are contributing to projects in the energy market’s transition to a flexible and low-carbon future.

With net zero status, two-star accreditation from Best Companies, an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy and gold-standard private healthcare under the belt, we are people-centric and encourage innovation and collaboration among employees. We recognise the sensational contributions of all employees, and work tirelessly to create an environment of excellence, trust, respect, and accountability.



Why our customers choose us:

Over 25 years’ experience
Operator of the central energy data transfer function
Operating within controlled, safe environments
Solutions designed to suit your business

Our Vision

We are igniting the UK’s transformation to a flexible, low-carbon energy future.
Through data, intelligence and infrastructure, we inspire everyone in the energy market to thrive and create a positive impact.
An open, flexible and low-carbon energy market is better for the environment, better for everyone.

Our History

Established by energy market participants to provide a Data Transfer Service (DTS) offering a single, centralised system to share vital information across the UK energy market on a 24/7/365 basis
Launch of RGMA meter data flow service
Distribution, Connection and Use of System (DCUSA) service commences
Granted permission to retain and analyse DTS
messages, enabling a wealth of market intelligence to benefit the energy industry
Launched API services enabling real time access ​to the DTS data lake, starting with a project with National Grid to help identify renewables
Launched our first Network Innovation project with a DNO​
Reprocured the DTS, launching a new innovation platform with an extensive catalogue of solutions.
Developed EMPRIS, a new analytics platform to Ofgem and DESNZ to drive forward UK regulation
Launched Skyline to anticipate new EV connections and help DNOs plan ahead for network investment​
ElectraLink goes net zero
Started multi-phase DCUSA digitalisation programme​
Developed HHSConnect – ​the DIP adaptor ​to prepare customers for Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement​
Introduced GoSmart – our DCC adaptor service
Celebrated 25 years as a data-driven facilitator for change in the energy market​
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ElectraLink in Action

ElectraLink works with a variety of established and start-up organisations from many industries to make energy market data accessible for digital solutions and new use cases.

Yü Energy
Yü Energy licensed QuoteRight to make quoting and acquisition more efficient and accurate.
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Hugo Energy App
With QuoteRight Essentials, the Hugo Energy App provides simple household energy monitoring.
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EcoSave Gas and Power
EcoSave made uses QuoteRight Essentials to make customer quoting and onboarding quick and easy.
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BizSwitch incorporated ElectraLink APIs into its platform, saving business managers a lot of time.
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Muuvo makes managing change of tenancy easy for landlords with QuoteRight Essentials.
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Retail Energy Code Company and code manager
REC managers use DTS data to report on retail energy market participants' performance.
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DCUSA digitalisation
ElectraLink has worked consultatively with DCUSA to digitalise the code for user-centricity.
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Governance frameworks for flexibility
SSEN bolstered two important energy innovation projects with advice from ElectraLink.
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Our Commitments

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At ElectraLink, we take our corporate social responsibilities seriously. We find great joy and reward in contributing to the community around us and are committed to playing a leading role in achieving a sustainable future with a generous mindset.

Selected charities: Each year, ElectraLink colleagues choose charities close to their hearts to be the focus of our CSR team’s fundraising efforts.  We support charities large and small through internal events like cooking competitions and physical exercise challenges. ElectraLink also fund matches all donations employees collect.

Volunteering: Every employee has two days each year to use on volunteering activities. This can include charity shop work, food preparation and distribution, book sorting, warehouse packing and even gardening.

Visit our news section to see what we have been up to lately.

EDI at ElectraLink

We are on a journey to make ElectraLink an inclusive place to work where employees feel empowered to bring their whole selves to work. This will allow us to attract top talent from the widest possible talent pool and break down any potential barriers that could be holding us or the industry back.

This is not just about recruitment, however. We want to recognise and celebrate diversity and enable everyone to deliver to their full potential. Our EDI approach also aims to give customers and stakeholders confidence in our ability to meet their EDI expectations and contribute well-rounded teams to solving their problems.

Every one of our colleagues living and breathing this philosophy will deliver this strategy, with proactive management and measurement of our EDI activities. We are unashamed to say we want to be a leader in EDI across the energy industry and to act as a role model for other organisations to benchmark against.

ElectraLink is Net Zero

We are all directly responsible for determining the future of the environment on which we, and all other forms of life, depend. What we do in the next decade to limit emissions will be critical to our future, as climate change directly impacts people, businesses, governments and the natural environment.

As a responsible business partner and employer, we take climate change and our commitments under the Pledge to Net Zero seriously. We aim to minimise our environmental impact and make doing business with us easy and compliant.

This is why we embarked on a net zero journey and achieved carbon neutral status from Carbon Neutral Britain in March 2022. We have continued to reduce our emissions ever since and offset unavoidable carbon emissions by supporting sustainable energy and community projects around the world.


We believe in being transparent, so you can view all our policies on the dedicated page.