The Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) programme is progressing steadily. The programme has set strict milestones for energy market participants to prove their systems are ready for the Data Integration Platform (DIP).

For big businesses, such as Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and large suppliers, preparing for the new technology of the DIP has required huge investment and change to many teams, processes and IT systems. The huge volumes of data you are anticipating sending across the DIP demands scalability and security within your IT estate.

To support these faithful preparations, ElectraLink has developed HHSConnect. This adaptor solution provides everything you need to start and maintain seamless connection, data transfer and communications with other businesses via the DIP.

HHSConnect is a simple, secure, cost-effective alternative to building your own DIP connection software. Not sure if it’s the right solution for you? We’ve compiled some of our top reasons why HHSConnect will support your connection with the DIP:

1. HHSConnect is built using serverless technologies and microservice architecture. This means scalability, auto-upgrades, reliability, and minimal downtime for enhancements allowing a consistent service.

2. The solution offers a choice of message formats including DIP-supported modern JSON files, as well as pipe delimited format that may be easier for older systems to process. The connection between your system and HHSConnect can be configured to closely match what is optimal for you, with options ranging from API-based and DTN-based connectivity to file-based flows to make data transfer easy and stable and at the pace your system sets.

3. HHSConnect is currently being tested with programme participants, meaning future users of HHSConnect can benefit from reduced testing overheads. The programme has guaranteed that HHSConnect users are allowed to place reliance on pre-approved testing (once the software is signed off in Systems Integration Testing) to avoid any duplicate testing.

4. The adaptor can process 100,000 flow messages in under 12 seconds – that’s over 8,000 messages per second. So, no matter the size of your business, your messages will transfer instantly.

5. When messages from the DIP need to be transmitted to several systems at the same time, HHSConnect will automatically handle this, eliminating costly and error-prone scripting.

6. When sending large set message flows, the highly scalable HHSConnect will begin processing your workload straight away to transmit messages to the DIP and will also increase the processing capacity by a thousand times the technical minimum, making it futureproof.

7. HHSConnect is built with efficiency in mind as capacity will automatically power down quickly when not needed, so you don’t consume more energy than is necessary.


Want to find out more HHSConnect facts or learn how your systems would benefit from a DIP adaptor? Get in touch at [email protected] and we’ll share your details with our dedicated MHHSP experts.