Heatio Ltd is a clean tech startup working on a pilot project that will contribute towards the UK energy sector’s path to Net Zero with Demand Side Response (DSR).

Heatio needed to understand many aspects of the UK’s complex DSR arrangements to perform its role meaningfully and efficiently in the pilot.

Challenge – Heatio sought expert advice and training for a big energy sector project

Heatio is collaborating with E.ON and Energy Systems Catapult on a government-funded project to trial heat- and energy-as-as-service. Here, Heatio is acting as the consumer-facing party offering green financial products to homeowners wanting to install low-carbon technologies.

A new entrant to the UK energy market, Heatio had to understand DSR requirements to incorporate key principles and best practices into their role in the project. DSR is a complex, nuanced concept with many impactful market and legal conditions facing participants.

Being technological and finance sector experts and not energy specialists, Heatio required seasoned energy market expertise to prepare its employees and approaches for the project ahead. More specifically, Heatio wanted to understand DSR requirements and revenue opportunities, discover relevant routes to market and legislation, and learn about aggregation services and horizon scanning.

Heatio also wanted to know what technical elements its employees need to be aware of in terms of DSR assets and hardware, what they and the assets need to be able to do, and how they could incorporate expert information into models of customers’ homes.

Heatio approached ElectraLink to fulfil these requirements as the two organisations have a strong existing relationship and because of ElectraLink’s reputation as energy market experts who stay up to date with market trends, business models, regulations, and technologies.

Solution – A training course with ElectraLink delivered all the information Heatio needed

Heatio and ElectraLink collaborated to establish a knowledge baseline on what Heatio employees already knew, identified key objectives for the session and identified which areas of DSR would be most relevant and valuable for Heatio.

ElectraLink proposed a training day to share DSR knowledge with Heatio in a structured, objectives-focused environment delivered in a hybrid format, removing limits to the number of employees who could join.

During the training day, Heatio’s team engaged with two ElectraLink experts, each with their own specialised areas of DSR knowledge in regulations and flexibility, respectively. ElectraLink provided Heatio with an in-depth understanding of flexibility markets and how to participate in DSR activities. Attendees received an overview of the energy landscape, particularly in ongoing governance, targets and industry updates covering the flexibility markets.

Trainers and trainees discussed the three main routes to market and which ones were applicable to Heatio’s business, as well as which governance arrangements Heatio needs to accede to. At the end of the session, ElectraLink and Heatio worked together to determine which routes and markets they were most interested in to create a roadmap for the next steps.

Results – Heatio is working faster and more effectively to push the project forward

The training day was a huge success for Heatio. By opting to use an expert partner, they did not need to commit employees’ valuable time and resources into fact-finding. This left them with more time to develop project plans and collaborate with partners at E.ON and Energy Systems Catapult.

According to Heatio MD and founder, Simon Roberts:

I was thoroughly impressed by the depth of knowledge and expertise that the ElectraLink team shared with us. The training was well-organized, informative, and engaging. I came away with a much better understanding of DSR and how it can be used to improve the efficiency and flexibility of the electricity system.

The training was particularly helpful in understanding the different types of DSR programmes and how they can be implemented. I also learned about the role of DSR in the future of the electricity system, as we move towards a more sustainable and low-carbon economy.

I would highly recommend ElectraLink’s Demand Side Response Training Day to anyone who wants to learn more about DSR. It is an excellent resource for anyone who works in the energy industry or who is interested in the future of energy.

Specific examples of what I found most valuable include that the training provided a clear and concise overview of DSR, including its benefits and challenges; the instructors were knowledgeable and engaging, and they were able to answer all of my questions; the training materials were well-prepared and easy to understand; and it provided great networking opportunities on the day.

Ultimately, Heatio is now able to maintain its project partners’ confidence, deliver the pilot project, and customise its solution in line with DSR requirements.

The DSR training day format is adaptable and replicable for other organisations that want to understand and participate in DSR within the flexibility market.