The Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) programme is progressing steadily and is encouraging energy market participants to prepare their systems and processes well in advance.

Connecting IT systems to the programme’s Data Integration Platform (DIP) is a significant task for many businesses in the energy industry and demands various forms of investment and change. This is a big ask for small energy market businesses which needs to balance current customer needs with the industry’s future plans.

To support our customers in planning ahead for the demands that the DIP brings, ElectraLink has developed HHSConnect. This adaptor solution provides everything your small business needs to start and maintain seamless connection, data transfer and communications with other businesses of all sizes via the DIP.

HHSConnect is a simple, secure, cost-effective alternative to building your own DIP connection software. Not sure if it’s the right solution for you? We’ve compiled some of our top reasons why HHSConnect will support your connection with the DIP:


1. HHSConnect is built using serverless technologies and microservice architecture. This means scalability, auto-upgrades, reliability, and minimal downtime for enhancements allowing a consistent service.

2. The solution offers a choice of message formats including DIP-supported modern JSON files, as well as pipe delimited format that may be easier for existing systems to process. This means that, regardless of where you are in your IT transformation journey, you are able to connect to industry programmes by utilising your existing connection to ElectraLink’s established Data Transfer Service technology.

3. Each system – yours, HHSConnect and the DIP – will only see and deal with the messages it absolutely needs to, meaning no delays, backlogs, or unnecessary extra charges.

4. The connection between your system and HHSConnect can be configured to closely match what is optimal for you, with options ranging from API-based connectivity to file-based flows to make data transfer easy and stable.

5. Connections between your systems and HHSConnect automatically handle the realities of network-based connectivity and automatically recover when something goes wrong, always delivering all content only once.

6. HHSConnect is also capable of managing the connectivity needs of multiple industry programmes allowing you to simplify your processes and reduce the burden on your own IT infrastructure by using a single tool.

7. By choosing HHSConnect, you can minimise the exposure and costs associated with industry testing as ElectraLink will be responsible for getting you up and running. The programme has guaranteed that HHSConnect users are allowed to place reliance on pre-approved testing (once the software is signed off in Systems Integration Testing) to avoid any duplicate testing.


Want to find out more HHSConnect facts or learn how your systems would benefit from a DIP adaptor? Get in touch at [email protected] and we’ll share your details with our dedicated MHHSP experts.