Flexible Power is a joint initiative from four UK electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs): National Grid Electricity Distribution, Northern Powergrid, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and SP Energy Networks.

Through collaboration on Flexible Power, four of the six DNOs have converged around a similar toolkit, providing a centralised approach to managing dispatch and settlement for their respective DNO licence areas.

These four DNOs provide access to information relating to flexibility locations, requirement data, procurement notices and documentation via the Flexible Power website. Once contracted, providers are given access to the Flexible Power Portal where they can declare their assets availability, receive dispatch signals, and view performance and settlement reports.

In 2022, the provider of the Flexible Power Portal served notice with an agreed position to withdraw support by December 2022. Since then, the DNOs have worked together with ElectraLink to secure the continuity of the service, ensuring that flexibility providers and DNOs can continue to deliver network flexibility via the Flexible Power Portal.

In partnership with ElectraLink and development provider New Flexibility Technologies (NFT), the DNOs have secured the stable transition of the Flexible Power service ensuring that ongoing obligations on DNO flexibility can be maintained, disruption to providers minimised, and the service is enhanced over time. The DNOs have ensured that the existing service knowledge, know-how, and IP is preserved through the retention of critical staff within NFT, with ElectraLink responsible for wider service delivery and operation.



About ElectraLink – ElectraLink was created in 1998 by the DNOs to provide an independent, secure, and low-cost service to transfer data between the participants in the deregulated UK electricity market. The company continues to operate the regulated Data Transfer Service (DTS) that underpins core processes that are critical to a competitive energy market. ElectraLink has also grown and launched multiple innovative services to meet the evolving needs of a transforming energy market and shareholders.

About NFT – New Flexibility Technologies was established in 2022 as a vehicle for ongoing development and support of the Flexible Power platform, but has now broadened its offering to cover a range of development and consultancy services in support of the energy transition.