Ecosave Gas and Power acts as a third-party intermediary in arranging energy contracts for businesses throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

EcoSave is always pursuing new approaches to make energy procurement and switching faster and simpler for its customers. It identified automated information access as the next step in its efficiency journey.

Challenge – EcoSave needed expedited access to their customers’ meter details

EcoSave is already the highest rated energy consultancy on Trustpilot with a star rating of 4.9 and over 6,000 reviews, so its team knows how to keep customers happy.

To further improve switching and onboarding efficiency, EcoSave needed automated, frictionless access to meter and supplier information matching that of its customer base.

EcoSave’s team began looking for a solution to access industry-held customer data via API for integration with the EcoSave website. They chose ElectraLink after we demonstrated how rapidly our APIs can provide them with meter information, thus allowing them to automate the switching process for customers.

Solution – Instant access to meter data through QuoteRight Essentials

The turning point for EcoSave’s faster switching process was integrating QuoteRight Essentials with the website. QuoteRight Essentials – a compact version of our most popular API solution, QuoteRight – is an API which instantaneously provides access to important meter information, including supplier, serial number, MPAN and other top line details.

QuoteRight Essentials’ key strength is providing EcoSave with customer meter information without asking customers to provide it themselves. End users often don’t know where to find this information or recognise the seamless experience this information enables.

QuoteRight Essentials is a tried and tested API with a straightforward integration process, and therefore EcoSave did not need to be significantly involved in solution development. While ElectraLink worked in the background, EcoSave’s team was able to keep customers happy and business’ lights on.

EcoSave and ElectraLink’s contracting, integration and testing journey was wrapped up in approximately four months despite industry representatives overseeing the thorough governance steps.

Result – Accurate information makes switching and onboarding smooth and rapid

With QuoteRight Essentials, EcoSave now provides customers with a smooth, rapid switching process from the customer’s current energy supplier to a new supplier, as well as assisting with accurate energy savings advice. This accurate information is imperative for ensuring business customers are shown the correct tariffs on EcoSave’s platform.

The API also allows for updates and new information to flow seamlessly without the need for human intervention from ElectraLink. Therefore, customer data is always correct, up to date and readily available.

According to EcoSave Managing Director, Mark Whitton:

ElectraLink’s QuoteRight Essentials API has enabled us to quickly gain access to electricity meter and supplier information early on in our process which has helped us to submit contracts swiftly to energy suppliers, thus providing faster service to our customers. This API has helped delivered essential and accurate meter information instantaneously.