ElectraLink has successfully tested its adaptor for the Data Integration Platform (DIP) in a significant step for data sharing for the Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Programme.

HHSConnect – ElectraLink’s DIP adaptor solution – sent messages to and received messages from the DIP simulator integration on 12 April 2023. This is the first confirmed case of an adaptor’s successful data transfer with the DIP simulator since the technical requirements were published.

The adaptor transferred a million messages per minute per endpoint during testing with an average end-to-end transfer time of under one second per message.*

The successful test means HHSConnect meets all of the MHHS Programme’s technical requirements and clears the way for ElectraLink to integrate its adaptor with the real-world DIP to prepare energy market participants for future data sharing compliance.

The real-world integration will be complete in July 2023 – well in advance of the Programme’s Systems Integration Testing milestones, planned to commence from October 2023.

HHSConnect offers energy market participants a direct connection to the DIP via an API or the existing infrastructure of the Data Transfer Service (DTS). This enables customers to send data across the DIP with cost and complexity reductions for changes to their internal IT systems.

*Quoted transfer rates based on autoscaling endpoint for DIP Simulator in an ElectraLink load testing environment.