ElectraLink is thrilled to announce it has been awarded two-star accreditation from Best Companies as of March 2023. This accreditation makes ElectraLink ‘outstanding to work for’ and independently verifies the organisation as a UK workplace with high levels of engagement and employee satisfaction.

ElectraLink achieved two-star accreditation (out of a possible three stars) following a well-received employee survey where our colleagues provided high praise for many aspects of life at ElectraLink, as well as critical feedback for areas where changes and improvements are required.

Key findings included:

  • 90% of employees (including those on parental leave) responded to the survey – 12 percentage points above average for other businesses of similar size.
  • ElectraLink scored 701.9 Best Companies Index points out of a possible 900 points – 45.1 points greater than last year’s survey score.
  • ElectraLink previously achieved ‘One to Watch’ status and skipped over one-star accreditation entirely.
  • 47 per cent of employees rated themselves as ‘highly engaged’ in ElectraLink and its purpose – 17 percentage points ahead of other two-star accredited companies.
  • Three per cent of employees rated themselves as ‘highly disengaged’ in ElectraLink and its purpose – one percentage point less than other two-star companies.

ElectraLink CEO, Dan Hopkinson, said:

ElectraLink is its people, so we see it as a great achievement when employees give such honest, positive feedback. To be accredited as a two-star employer in the year of ElectraLink’s 25th birthday shows we are still succeeding in our efforts to adapt and improve our culture and communication to match employee expectations.

As a business leader, it is very encouraging to see positive feedback as well as suggestions for action, as this proves employees are engaged in their workplace and happy with the direction we are taking for job satisfaction and development. Thank you to the entire team for making ElectraLink a great place to work and build a career.

Amelia Heatley, Director of Diversity and Engagement, said:

Giving employees a voice in how our organisation is run is vital for creating an environment of shared purpose and values. This is why we work with Best Companies to gather anonymous feedback and use the subsequent data to act on changing preferences and needs in the business. It was a scintillating result to end up on the two-star list among great companies including our shareholders. We hope with planned activities for our equity, diversity and inclusion strategy, and upcoming changes to improve work-life balance, that ElectraLink will continue to give its people purpose and a future they are excited for.

ElectraLink first secured Best Companies’ One to Watch accreditation in 2021 following the Best Companies-run employee survey. Since then, the organisation has implemented several new and updated benefits and initiatives. This includes enhanced medical cover through Bupa, critical illness cover, new guidance around post-lockdown ways of working, four-day working week pilots, and internal conferences and events for connecting with co-workers.

ElectraLink is always looking for talented people to join the organisation and make their impact on our work in the energy market transition to net zero. Visit our careers page for more information.