Following promising results from the nationwide trial of a four-day working week, ElectraLink is undertaking its own pilot programme to improve employees’ wellbeing and assess the impact of a shorter work week on our customers and stakeholders.

Using the 100-80-100 principle (100 percent remuneration, 80 percent working hours, 100 percent productivity retained), from w/c 24 October 2022, all contracted ElectraLink employees have been granted an extra day during the work week to improve their work-life balance and do as they wish.

Our internal teams and partners responsible for critical industry services and required to deliver time-based targets will work on a rota basis to ensure full service provision and standards are maintained during the pilot. Employees have been given guidance and support to increase efficiency and deliver the same quality output as they do during BAU.

We are gathering employees’ feedback and monitoring performance throughout the pilot to enable data-driven evaluation of its outcomes. The pilot will end in the week before Christmas 2022, whereafter we will use our data, combined with further data from the nationwide trial, to decide the future of how we work at ElectraLink.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding ElectraLink’s four-day working week pilot, please contact us at [email protected].