Muuvo Ltd is a small prop tech firm which supports property managers, landlords and tenants with utilities management. They needed a bespoke API to provide MPAN and other meter information to enable automation, efficiency and reliability in end-of-tenancy processes.

Challenge – The property sector lacks data for stopping energy overspill

Muuvo’s technology platform helps property managers and landlords to manage their portfolio’s energy bills between tenancies. Muuvo also helps incoming tenants to find and set themselves up with the best utilities deals, including broadband and insurance.

When a tenancy is terminated in a home or business, the property manager needs to know the property’s MPAN and current supplier in order to take on the utilities accounts and appoint the landlord as the end user. This prevents the supplier from continuing to bill the departing tenant for energy they no longer use, known as overspill.

However, the property sector struggles with accessing this necessary meter information. This hampers property owners’ and managers’ ability to prevent overspill and other costly administrative errors.

Muuvo is a service provider, not an energy procurer for end users, therefore they had limited access to the tools afforded to energy market participants. Due to this, Muuvo reached out to ElectraLink to provide a bespoke solution.

Solution – A new API provides Muuvo with the data its customers need

Muuvo was looking for a cost-effective solution that would give them the basic information needed to make end-of-tenancy processes for utilities run faster, more efficiently and more effectively.

The Muuvo team approached the ElectraLink team to understand what APIs were on offer that could incorporate data from our numerous energy market datasets. When it was determined that our existing range of APIs were more comprehensive than they required, they asked if we could build a compact, targeted version for them.

Muuvo decided choose us for their project due to our:

  • Consultative approach to their specific problem,
  • Willingness to cater to their needs,
  • Wide range of APIs and other solutions,
  • Long-standing reputation as energy market data and technology experts,
  • Years of experience in developing data solutions,
  • Word-of-mouth recommendations following successful projects with other customers,
  • And potential to build and provide further API services to them as they grow.

Muuvo’s collaboration with ElectraLink began by defining their user story and determining what data and functionality would be needed from an API to serve its platform. From there, ElectraLink and its technology partners created a new service called QuoteRight Essentials – a bespoke version of our most popular data solution, QuoteRight.

As customers and collaborators in developing QuoteRight Essentials, Muuvo stayed informed during the development lifecycle and took advantage of a sandbox version to test its suitability before the live platform was released. After three months of discussions, experimenting, development and testing, Muuvo integrated its systems with the new API and started transforming their customers’ businesses with enhanced efficiency and ease.

Results – efficiency, simplicity, and a game-changing partnership

Having the ability to identify MPANs and current suppliers allows property managers and landlords to promptly retake their meters at the end of a tenancy and eradicates delays from unresponsive departing tenants. This prevents the tenant from footing the bill after the property is back with the landlord and helps avoid costly administrative efforts to resolve individual cases.

Digitisation of their internal processes immediately enabled Muuvo to remove the issue of gathering customer data for managing vacant properties. Muuvo will also see efficiencies through being able to identify meters and current suppliers without requesting information from incumbent tenants.

Jamie Parks, Director at Muuvo, said: “The ElectraLink integration has been a real game changer for our business. It has made our software far more efficient and has played a huge part in onboarding new business. It really has taken us to the next level, and we look forward to adding more ElectraLink features in the not-so-distant future. We are all forever grateful for the exceptional support received from the team.”

Other customers have since acquired and implemented QuoteRight Essentials due to its accessibility, high performance, wide appeal and unique nature as a single port of call for electricity meter data.

To find out more about QuoteRight Essentials and other flexible energy market data solutions, reach out to [email protected].