After more than a year of customer engagement and platform redevelopment, ElectraLink is thrilled to announce the release of EMPRIS version 2.0 – a significant update that prioritises user experience making analysing GB energy market data simpler and speedier than ever – on Tuesday, 13 September 2022.

Select users at Ofgem and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will now be able to maximise data access and analysis for market monitoring and trend exploration.

This will make the powerful insight and data available within EMPRIS accessible to a wider range of people by reducing technical barriers to using the platform, further democratising energy market data. Whilst focussing on user interface, a raft of new features has been added to the platform including:

  • Instant Insights: Our data experts have created this feature to provide key insight for industry processes,
  • Insights publishing: users can share queries, results, and visualisations with colleagues for better knowledge sharing,
  • Importing private data (and keeping it private): users can upload private data sets to combine with EMPRIS products to enhance analysis. No other users, including the EMPRIS team, can access this data,
  • An embedded visualisation tool: users can easily visualise the output of queries for better understanding and analysis without leaving the EMPRIS platform,
  • Query scheduling: users can set a time to run a query to refresh results for the most up-to-date insights throughout the week or month.

Paul Linnane, Chief Data Officer, said: “It has been phenomenal working with Ofgem and BEIS, and our partners Xanda, to enhance the market monitoring and analysis EMPRIS offers. EMPRIS 2.0 stores 12 years of ElectraLink’s energy data in a high-speed AWS Athena data lake and provides access through the most widely adopted technologies such as SQL and Python. This makes it simple to access and derive insight from granular data whether the user is an analyst, machine learning expert or policymaker.

“We aimed to eliminate technical barriers to accessing the knowledge locked up in the data, remove the encumbrance put on companies to report their performance, and slash the time and resources earmarked for monthly reporting cycles. Users now have quicker, easier access to insights on changes of supplier, ETs, smart meters and other market processes, without compromising on security and granularity.”

The initial EMPRIS offering included basic SQL writing and database querying functions, providing regulators with the building blocks for acquiring and interrogating data at MPAN level before updating its underlying architecture and technologies to increase the processing power. This broadens the range of analytics possible to make querying data faster and more comprehensive which means users spend more time with the answers than trying to code the solution.

Click here to find out more about EMPRIS, its features, and the benefits it provides to the whole market through Ofgem and BEIS.

Please contact us at [email protected] with any queries or more information on how we built and are using EMPRIS.