NS Utilities, a gas systems engineering company, wanted to grow their business and needed to become an Approved Meter Installer (AMI). They approached ElectraLink’s Advisory Services team to create processes, guidance and documentation to pass the accreditation audit and become compliant with the Metering Code of Practice (MCoP).

Challenge – a small business wanted to expand into meter installations

NS Utilities is a small business with growth plans that required official recognition in the gas market. They are established, Gas Safe-accredited engineers with ample internal gas systems work under their belts but were looking to expand, become AMIs and apply their skills to meter installations.

Many small businesses in the energy market face the daunting hurdles of regulation and code compliance. The energy market is a complex place and navigating its rules and protective measures requires expertise, resources and perseverance. All AMIs need to be accredited under MCoP and NS Utilities sought knowledgeable partners to lift the burden of configuring internal processes and assets for MCoP compliance.

Solution – ElectraLink’s Advisory Services created everything needed to be MCoP compliant

NS Utilities brought in ElectraLink’s Advisory Services team to develop MCoP-compliant processes and documentation and enable this ambitious organisation to pass the AMI accreditation and subsequent audits.

ElectraLink has been in energy market governance for almost 20 years. Our reputation as governance and compliance experts has emerged from the support we have provided to multiple new market entrants and advising established entities such as the distribution networks and large suppliers. Being appointed as code manager of the Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA), among others, has brought many experts into our workforce. Our work with the SPAA included running AMI services and involvement with the MCoP and its relevant audits.

The Advisory Services team worked closely with NS Utilities to understand their existing knowledge of MCoP and meter installation requirements. With several consultations, NS Utilities provided information and ambitions for the Advisory Services team to identify knowledge gaps and create a bespoke suite of actions to meet their needs. Following this information gathering, the Advisory Services team’s solution included:

  • Creation of a brand-new suite of comprehensive documentation, providing everything needed to pass their audit and become an AMI;
  • Training on the code obligations, audit requirements, and ongoing competency assurance and data collection needed to obtain and maintain AMI accreditation;
  • Submission and management of their AMI application including liaising with auditors;
  • And providing post-accreditation support to answer questions and support new business opportunities.

The solution took 11 weeks to develop, and NS Utilities’ keenness to enter this new market meant the Advisory Services team leveraged existing relationships to expediate the actual accreditation audit, which typically follows set timeframes.

Results – NS Utilities passed the audit to become Approved Meter Installers

The Advisory Services team provided resource and knowledge support for NS Utilities which allowed them to focus on their existing customers and cashflow. Thanks to their work with ElectraLink, NS Utilities passed the AMI accreditation audit and is now an Approved Meter Installer. Their expertise with gas systems installation and maintenance now extends to meters, bringing fresh skills and dedication to the UK’s households and businesses.

Conor Harrington, Director of NS Utilities, said:

Looks great to see the company on the [AMI] register…I’d like to thank you for all work hard work and making this an easy process for us.

At the time, the Retail Energy Code (REC) had not yet gone live and SPAA was still active in governing the gas supply market. ElectraLink’s widespread relationships with the energy market facilitated the AMI accreditation audit and the accreditation was confirmed shortly before the SPAA transitioned to the REC, avoiding lengthy delays to the accreditation process.

AMI accreditation in hand, NS Utilities has since been building their business with Meter Asset Managers and gas suppliers.