On Thursday, 22 April 2021, the ElectraLink Board voted to appoint Jonathan Purdy as chairperson following Kevin Lee’s retirement. Jonathan has served as a non-executive director on the ElectraLink Board for seven years and has played a significant role in facilitating the expansion of ElectraLink’s regulated and commercial services.

Currently working for UK Power Networks, one of ElectraLink’s six DNO shareholders, Jonathan has extensive electricity industry experience covering governance, price controls, change programmes and leadership.

Jonathan said:

“Firstly, I would like to thank my predecessor Kevin Lee for his leadership over the past few years. I and everyone at ElectraLink wish Kevin all the best for his well-earned retirement. Secondly, I wish all the best to my colleague, Paul Geddes, who is also stepping down from the ElectraLink Board, and welcome our three new Board members: Tracy Pitcher, Nigel Bessant and Paul Bircham.

“My tenure on the ElectraLink Board has been interesting and dynamic so far. Things never stop changing in the energy market and ElectraLink’s position as a central provider of solutions across metering, governance, data transfer and analysis, market monitoring and change management means we are in the thick of transformation. My dual priorities going forward as chair are to ensure ElectraLink continues to add value throughout the market to keep costs low for end users and maintains the focus on Net Zero innovations.”

Kevin Lee retired last week after serving as chairperson of the Board since ElectraLink’s inception in 1997. Over the past 24 years, he has contributed tremendously to ElectraLink’s growth and success, working closely with the executive team to transform the original, core data transfer business into a vector of change, transparency, insight and accountability in the energy market.

Kevin said:

“With the role of company director and chairing the Board and its various committees, I have had many opportunities to work directly with the Senior Management Team and other members of staff. It has also given me a chance to learn more about what really goes on down in the company’s ‘engine room’. Whilst the COVID restrictions have deprived myself and other directors from engaging with staff in person recently, I am sincerely grateful for the invaluable and willing support I have received from ElectraLink staff. I am only sorry that I cannot thank everyone personally. I shall, of course, never lose my interest in the industry and will still be cheering ElectraLink and its people on from the side-lines.”

Paul Geddes is also leaving ElectraLink’s Board after seven years serving as non-executive director. Paul’s diverse experience in various DNOs was instrumental for his role at ElectraLink, primarily supporting the growth in commercial services and in areas of IT security and risk management.

Joining the Board this year as non-executive directors are Tracy Pitcher, National Systems Manager at Western Power Distribution, Nigel Bessant, Head of Network Trading at Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, and Paul Bircham, Regulation and Communications Director at Electricity North West. We will be profiling the new chairperson and Board members in the coming months.

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