Haste Ltd successfully attained meter installation accreditation after using ElectraLink’s Advisory Services expertise to prepare their business, staff and processes.

You need to be an expert to become an approved meter installer

To become an Approved Meter Installer (AMI), a business must first attain an AMI accreditation. This entails an audit of systems and processes to ensure the work the business will undertake is done in compliance with the AMI Code of Practice (AMICoP).

Haste Ltd is an established support services company in GB, providing expert field services and customer care on behalf of energy companies. Although Haste has spent decades working with the energy market to continue energy supply to a property without impeding on customer safety, until now they had no need to be an accredited AMI. However, in preparation for a new partnership with ElectraLink’s National Revenue Protection Service (NRPS), Haste needed AMI credentials to demonstrate to the energy market that they are reliable and compliant whenever visiting a household or business to investigate suspected faulty energy meters.

The audit for a business to attain AMI accreditation is a complex experience. Energy market regulation shifts constantly to allow the industry to meet arising challenges. The safety of customers, the public and staff is the industry’s top priority, therefore, high standards for compliance are an ongoing challenge for businesses entering the accreditation process.

How Haste prepared for the accreditation audit

To prepare to be ElectraLink’s partners in the NRPS mission, Haste brought in the ElectraLink Advisory Services team to teach them everything they needed to know to attain AMI accreditation. Haste required guidance and training from a knowledgeable source and support in developing their documentation. Specifically, this needed to demonstrate Haste is able to comply with the requirements of AMICoP via an initial audit and then on an on-going basis.

ElectraLink has been central to the energy market’s changing regulation for over 15 years. As code managers for the Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA), Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) and many codes of practice such as AMICoP, ElectraLink provides change management services for the energy industry. This position has enabled the Advisory Services team to build a collection of expertise around energy regulation and share this expertise with market participants looking for advisory support and guidance on new business and innovation.

Haste followed ElectraLink’s approach based on experience of AMI process assurance against metering code provisions. Haste staff took great interest in accreditation process discussions. This enabled Advisory Services to understand any knowledge gaps and tailor the guidance to suit needs. The hands-on process involved:

  • Highlighting Haste’s existing relevant knowledge
  • Code obligations, audit assurance training and timelines required to become an AMI
  • Validating Haste’s methodology and documentation

Haste now installs meters leaving customers with peace of mind

Thanks to the dedicated enthusiasm Haste showed for the Advisory Services team’s approach to the AMI accreditation preparation, Haste is now an accredited AMI and installs energy meters across Britain.

Phil Price, Head of Metering at Haste Ltd, said:

“Haste Ltd first achieved AMI accreditation in 2018 and recently upgraded its accreditation to include all Codes of Practice. The ElectraLink team was very helpful in providing all the up-to-date information required, AMICoP itself, plus useful documents to help navigate what is needed, such as. Using these details helped in setting out our plans and Gantt chart so that we covered all the section requirements of AMICoP.”


Since gaining the accreditation, alongside other metering accreditations, Haste has signed nine energy suppliers up to ElectraLink’s NRPS. This work protects energy supply in Britain, keeping the heat and lights on for millions of British energy users.