ElectraLink has completed the digitalisation for the Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA), an energy market code for which ElectraLink administers change management, secretariat and administrative responsibilities. The DCUSA is a core component which will lead the change to a Net Zero energy system.

Digitalising DCUSA is an important step in the modernisation of energy market codes. The digital version drastically improves accessibility and navigation, including enhanced search and internal cross-linking functionality. This will introduce time savings and greater ease of use for DCUSA Parties who now have a quicker, simpler route to find the clauses and requirements that apply to them and impact their operations.

Digitalisation, involving the digitisation of unstructured text and subsequent formatting of structured elements, was achieved using Adobe FrameMaker. DCUSA’s governing Panel and Board, composed of representatives from various energy market players, both recognised the investment value of digitalising this extensive document.

The 1,100-page digitalised DCUSA document was launched after seven months of development work. Engagement with code Parties since the launch has focused on familiarising users with the full offering of functions. While code Parties become accustomed to using the digitalised version, ElectraLink will also be maintaining and implementing changes on the static version.

Stefan Leedham, ElectraLink’s Director of Governance Services, said: “Ofgem has been encouraging digital strategies across the energy market, particularly among electricity distribution networks who have a critical role in transforming the market and its infrastructure to meet Net Zero 2050 requirements. Digitalising DCUSA introduces further efficiency into the energy market and supports cross-market efforts to enable innovation. We will soon announce more plans to position DCUSA as the network code responsible for GB’s carbon neutral future.”

ElectraLink first celebrated digitalisation success with the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP) in July 2019. SMICoP was the first energy market code to be digitalised and set the standard for modernisation among the codes. The DCUSA, however, is a far more significant code both in size and the range of its prescriptions. For this reason, the CodeNavigator tool which is available for the SMICoP has not yet been applied to the DCUSA. However, SMICoP for DCUSA is under development and coming soon!

Beyond the actual code document, DCUSA teams are rolling out other digital strategies to increase participation, efficiency and accessibility for all Parties. Online voting on proposals has been integrated into decision-making, increased self-service functionality is now available for Parties, and digital collaboration providing fluidity and flexibility to historical, cumbersome approaches is embedded across interactions between Parties, governing bodies and secretariat staff.

For more information on ElectraLink’s digitalisation services, contact [email protected].