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ElectraLink is delighted to announce the successful migration of the Data Transfer Service (DTS) to Amazon Web Services (AWS) on 7 November.

The migration means the DTS is now running on AWS’s systems and no longer relies on former systems to transfer energy market data between market participants.

Running the DTS on AWS as opposed to the legacy setup will bring vast improvements to the energy market as data becomes increasingly necessary to underpin processes that support the transition to net zero. Processes facilitated through use of the DTS – including change of supplier, metering and settlement for the competitive electricity and gas markets – will be fully supported through enhanced data provision and analysis.

DTS improvements thanks to the migration to the new Energy Market Data Hub (EMDH) platform include:

  • Improved scalability: The DTS is now running at five percent of load capacity on AWS and provides up to 16 petabytes of storage for the EMDH
  • Improved performance: An increase in the speed of the DTS engine, reducing the time taken to process received files from 1 minute to 10 seconds, on average
  • Better value for money: We have reduced DTS data traffic prices by five percent

ElectraLink Chief Executive Stuart Lacey said:

“The migration of the DTS to public cloud infrastructure has been several years in the making. We are very pleased we can now scalable and faster data transfer on a futureproofed, cost effective platform, a platform which also enables the data visibility now required to drive energy transformation”.

The migration of the DTS is the first step in the technical implementation of the EMDH which ElectraLink launched in April last year. The EMDH is a platform which aims for the whole energy industry to benefit from increased data accessibility and innovation.

Additional benefits of operating the DTS on AWS include increased security, operational efficiencies, improved resilience and scalability, and improved performance as we centralise all data transfer and analysis services on a single platform.

For more information on the DTS and the development of the EMDH using AWS, please contact us at [email protected].