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This week ElectraLink has launched extensive upgrades to FlowBuilder – the data transfer tool enabling users to design, test and share bespoke data requirements and templates.

The upgrades will increase market accessibility for new entrants and promote innovation and collaboration among market participants.

New features and updates include:

  • Self-service registration means new FlowBuilder users can now get automated access to FlowBuilder after registering online via this link
  • The online open portal will make FlowBuilder widely accessible and provides a sandbox-style environment for creating and testing industry flows
  • Following feedback from the DTS Users, users can now manage gas flows on FlowBuilder, as well as electricity flows
  • Users can now manage and create their own data sharing requirements in common formats
  • Once you have created, amended, tested and received ElectraLink’s approval, you can publish bespoke data templates on our website for the industry to use
  • A single structure of data requirements out of hundreds of variations to simplify the market and aid the rollout of digitalisation to energy market codes
  • And a one-stop shop for data flows in the energy market which will deliver simplification meaning you will only need to visit one website to understand all data flow obligations across four data catalogues.

Most excitingly, FlowBuilder users will be able to make use of a brand new, first-in-the-market Single Energy Market Data Catalogue.

Existing features within FlowBuilder will remain unaffected.

FlowBuilder was first launched in October 2018 and since then various market participants with a range of market roles have seen its full potential. You can find the most recent case study here.

For more information on the FlowBuilder updates, please contact our DTS team at [email protected].