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As part of Ofgem’s faster switching programme to create the Central Switching Service (CSS), ElectraLink has spent several years liaising with the energy market, the regulator and especially our customers to develop a solution to facilitate the data transfer needs of a faster switching future.

To fulfil these needs, we have developed CSSConnect – an adaptor solution to connect energy market participants to the CSS and play a critical role in increasing end-user engagement with the energy market and improving the switching process for market participants. Using CSSConnect will also minimise the volume of work market participants are mandated to deliver for faster switching.

CSSConnect is being provided to the industry as part of the regulated Data Transfer Service Agreement (DTSA).

As such, users will not incur any charges in connection to either its development or deployment phases. There will be no upfront fees or connection charges when a user signs up to use CSSConnect.

In terms of future operating costs, these will be added to customer’s DTS cost recovery charges for the fixed amount of £1,603.66 per month, payable only from when the service enters live operation, currently planned for April 2022.

ElectraLink will support all CSSConnect users through the programme phases, including integration and functionality testing (as the DCC and their solution integrator, Netcompany, proposed) to ensure you are fully integrated and confident with your connection to the new CSS programme.

Watch the video to see how CSSConnect works.

Please feel free to send any questions to [email protected] and our project team will be able to provide more information specific to your requirements.