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ElectraLink is delighted to announce the launch of the GB energy market’s first Single Energy Market Data Catalogue (SEMDC) this September. The SEMDC is a solution to reduce complexity in the currently overcomplex energy market.

The SEMDC is the first industry data catalogue to combine electricity and gas data catalogues into one.

Market participants will benefit from a one-stop shop for data requirements on one website. Here you can access a range of simplified items, such as data flow obligations, code obligations, and data interface documents, all in digital formats. This will reduce overhead and make navigating the energy market even easier.

The SEMDC will be particularly valuable for new market entrants with simpler, clearer explanations of license obligations and how to meet them through the complex code governance landscape.

Combined with recent updates we rolled out on FlowBuilder, the SEMDC will support market change and innovation, and aligns with Ofgem’s works to deliver digitalisation across the energy market.

We will provide another update when the SEMDC is available for use on the ElectraLink website.

We want to know what other data requirements you would like to see digitalised and simplified into one format. Let us know on LinkedIn or Twitter, or email [email protected]. Some of our users have asked for the following:

  • UK Link
  • Water market data flows
  • EV installation information sent to DNOs
  • DNO DER information

For further information on the SEMDC, or other energy market data catalogues, contact [email protected].