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For the past few years, ElectraLink has organised and hosted bi-annual Engagement Days to bring together people from across the energy industry to spark a dialogue and share ideas and views on the energy system as we see it currently and in the future.

Due to COVID-19 safety risks and lockdown measures in the UK, we replaced our usual Spring Engagement Day with our first Spring Webinar Series. We still believe that there is much to discuss in the energy transition across the country and more than ever it is critical to engage stakeholders and collaborate online to keep the momentum strong.

ElectraLink broadcasted Energy Governance Transformation, the first webinar of the Spring Webinar Series, on 15 April with the live Q&A session following on 23 April.

We were joined by our partners CGI, an international technology and digital solutions consultancy, along with 96 participants from various corners of the energy industry.

We have compiled a report containing details of the webinar, along with participants’ questions and panellists’ responses which were sent to us before and during the live Q&A, as well as feedback on how the webinar went. This includes questions and responses broadcasted during the Q&A session, as well as those that we did not have the time to discuss.

Read the report to find out more about what ElectraLink and CGI envision for upcoming trends in energy governance and code management, as well as where transformation will be most focused in the future.

Visit the energy governance transformation webinar page to watch the webinar presentation and live Q&A session if you missed them.

Please feel free to get in touch with any further questions at [email protected].

Click here to download the report