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Working in partnership with the GB Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), we are in the initial stages of developing Flexr, an enabling service for existing and new flexibility service providers that aims to deliver improved DSO data sharing to the energy industry. With data security and access control at its core, Flexr will enable and accelerate flexibility markets by enabling market participants to register for access to the market, ensuring accreditation, and by allowing the discovery of triaged information about DNO resources, DERs and participants. Flexr will accelerate open platform participation and therefore accelerate the GB flexible energy market, ensuring secure and controlled open platform delivery.

Flexibility services in the UK are already well-established with many platforms offering flexibility trading, aggregation, optimisation and balancing functions. Flexr is a data uncovering and sharing service that will support the further development of these market services and level the playing field to allow for even greater levels of innovation in the market.

We invite you to provide responses to our consultation on Flexr to give us valuable stakeholder input and feedback into our plans to build this service. Please see the consultation document in PDF at this link with questions to direct your responses as well as more information on our vision for Flexr and how we will deliver this to market. Please enter these responses into the Google Form at this link and submit by 6pm on the 29th of May 2020.

Alternatively, please contact [email protected] and request a Word version of the consultation document. Then fill in your responses and send the completed document back by 6pm on 29th May 2020.

We would also appreciate it if you could please share this consultation with other relevant colleagues within your organisation and beyond to help us build a varied base of evidence to support the development of Flexr.