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Every year, ElectraLink organises and hosts two Engagement Day events, one in Spring and one in Autumn, and invites stakeholders from across the UK energy market to participate in lively discussion around the most pressing topics and challenges facing the industry.

Due to the severity of the global coronavirus outbreak, we are transforming our usual Spring Engagement Day into our first Spring Webinar Series – ElectraLink Discusses: Democratising the energy sector through data and regulation to support the Net Zero Transition.


Broadcast from 15 April to 15 May 2020, this series will include presentations and live Q&A sessions with senior ElectraLink staff from across the business, including our Chief Executive, Stuart Lacey.

The series is divided into three webinars, each with a unique focus on how the energy market can use data and regulation as well as new technological solutions  to make the marketplace more efficient, open and competitive for the benefit of businesses and consumers, and help the industry meet the net zero challenge in time.

Our first webinar starts off the series by looking at the intersection of code governance and technology. In a period of unprecedented challenges, it is an ideal opportunity to question ways of working, remove complexity and inefficiency, and focus on how we can introduce digital solutions to make positive changes in code management.

ElectraLink and CGI, recognised leaders in the utilities and technology markets, will explain how digitalisation combined with nearly 50 years of industry knowledge will drive improvement and reliability in code governance when based on the principles of greater collaboration and engagement, reduction in cost and removal of unnecessary complexity.

With the same level of in-depth discussion and information sharing, a course of webinars will make our usual Engagement Day accessible for industry colleagues across the country working from home to prevent spread of the coronavirus. This format will also eliminate emissions from travel, as well as reduce the overall carbon footprint of the event.

We are busy finalising the content for the other two webinars and will announce the agenda soon. Although each webinar’s topic holds unique value for a specific audience, all the topics are relevant to the whole market’s efforts to reduce emissions and encourage greater use of data in market activities.

Although we are disappointed not to be able to meet with industry colleagues as per usual, we are looking forward to hearing your input during the live Q&A sessions. We are hoping to host one of our well-established Engagement Days in Autumn this year.

We will provide registration links in the run-up to the webinars and you will automatically receive reminders once you have registered for any of the broadcasts.

For more information, head to our social media profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter for updates or contact the ElectraLink communications team at [email protected]