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ElectraLink has formally launched CSSConnect, our flexible adapter service that provides Data Transfer Service (DTS) Users with a simplified, technical entry process into Ofgem’s Faster Switching programme and allows them to use their existing connectivity method under the existing DTS Agreement (DTSA).

This announcement comes after a comprehensive engagement programme with industry participants and in close collaboration with the DTS User group to ensure that our solution meets the needs of the market and offers the best value for money.

Through a process of consultation with the DTS User group, we can confirm that the development cost of CSSConnect and its future operation is included in the DTS budget. ElectraLink has published its DTS pricing for 2020 based on this DTS budget with DTS traffic charges for 2020 increasing by 3.9% relative to 2019.

The cost of using CSSConnect can be calculated by estimating the incremental DTS traffic generated by the use of CSSConnect multiplied by the DTS traffic charge. Further details can be found in our CSSConnect presentation along with our timelines for deployment, which are aligned with the DCC programme plan for CSS.

We can also confirm at this stage that CSSConnect will continue to be provided to all users of the service for as long as the service is required and that this will be confirmed within an updated version of the DTSA prior to CSSConnect being deployed.

ElectraLink initially offered 3 service options to provide an integration service to and from the CSSP. These were:

  • Option one: Simple transport service
  • Option two: Abacus transport service
  • Option three: Flow translation service

Following on from workshops with DTS Users, where these three potential options for CSSConnect were positioned, we can now confirm that we will be offering options one and two within the service. The choice of which service to use will be dependent on your needs.

The decision to not continue with the third option was based on DTS Users’ feedback that this level of service is not required. The details of the two remaining options can be found in our presentation pack.

By working with us at this stage in CSSConnect’s deployment, ElectraLink can ensure that your needs are reflected in the development of the adapter, and that we can support you throughout the integration process. Please email [email protected] if you would like any further information on CSSConnect.  ElectraLink will be in ongoing contact with the users of the DTS to ensure that CSSConnect is able to support you through the various test phases proposed by the DCC and their Solution Integrator, Netcompany.