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ElectraLink has introduced a series of innovative updates to FlowBuilder, our platform that enables DTS Users to design, amend, test and share data flow templates.

Market participants can now create bespoke flows within relevant catalogues, including the RGMA and Supplier DFC gas catalogues, in addition to the DTC. This will allow for the design, testing and sharing of data flows within these catalogues through a single platform. Market participants from both the electricity and gas markets can make use of the additional catalogues.

We are also working towards creating a single gas catalogue within FlowBuilder. This will remove the need for market participants to approach multiple central bodies to design new flows across different catalogues.

Finally, FlowBuilder users are now able to link to FlowBuilder’s API and access catalogue structures and changes. Previously, changes to catalogue structures required manual updating on a user’s system. With this series of upgrades, catalogue changes will be automated.

We have introduced this additional functionality to FlowBuilder in order to support innovation within teams, organisations and the broader energy market. These changes will also introduce efficiency to back office processes and reduce the need for lengthy change processes.

Use of FlowBuilder is free for DTS Users. The cost of development and use of FlowBuilder is included within DTS pricing which is calculated on a cost-recovery basis.

Click here to read a FlowBuilder case study and please feel free to contact the helpdesk at [email protected] with any questions or comments.