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Tuesday, 5 November saw us host our sixth Engagement Day – ElectraLink Host: Central solutions for a fast evolving utilities industry. The event was well received, with lots of positive feedback from over 100 industry attendees, our highest-ever attendance level.

We had plenty of topics to cover, ranging from the future of governance to the latest in technological innovation, with discussion throughout the day focusing on:

  • Empowering consumers and networks to deliver the energy transition
  • Putting data at the centre of future governance
  • Using existing infrastructure to address future challenges, which included:
    • our pilot programme with the water companies to enable Priority Services Register data to be exchanged between utilities;
    • our work to support the Faster Switching programme with the development of our adapter service, CSSConnect; and
    • creating your own data exchange through our innovative Data Transfer Service based tool FlowBuilder

Attendees participated in a lively panel discussion, pitching questions to our fantastic panellists Rachel Clark, Director for Retail Systems Transformation at Ofgem, Clementine Cowton, Director of External Affairs at Octopus Energy, Matthew Vickers, CEO and Chief Ombudsman at Ombudsman services and Judith Ward, Associate at Sustainability First.

We also had two very engaging keynote speeches. The first was from Stewart Reid, Head of Future Networks at Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks who spoke about the Art of Distribution Network Operation in a Digital World and discussed such topics as supporting a smarter electricity system, the Energy Data Task Force recommendations and the need for governance to keep up with the transitioning market.

The second was from Kaija Valdmaa, Project Manager of Estfeed, Elering AS who provided us with an international perspective on the UK energy market as she spoke about the Estonian Experiences in Data Transparency. This led to some lively discussions on data privacy, the success of the Estonian Smart Metering programme and the value of granular data for the benefit of the industry and consumer.

We will soon be publishing a report covering the event’s learnings, outcomes and feedback. In the meantime we have created a video from the day and you can download the full slide pack by clicking here. You can also see social media updates from the event on our Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

Please keep checking ElectraLink’s website and social media channels for further updates and details of other upcoming events.