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ElectraLink is making considerable progress on the design of CSSConnect, our flexible adapter service on the Energy Market Data Hub (EMDH) that will provide a simplified technology process for market participants to connect to Ofgem’s Central Switching Service (CSS). We are now ready to share a greater level of detail as to how CSSConnect will work and how it can support your business through the transition to the Central Switching Service (CSS).

CSSConnect is being built with a deployment schedule that is aligned with the DCC programme plan for CSS. It will be provided under the existing regulated agreement (DTSA), which is overseen by the DTS User Group. This means that as User of the DTS you will be able to connect to the new switching services using your existing connectivity method.

CSSConnect provides our customers with several options to reduce the risk, cost and complexity of the technical changes needed to migrate into faster switching.

To see the high level overview of the design of CSSConnect, click here. We also have a document that we can share which provides a detailed view of CSSConnect’s technical design. If you are interested in the detailed technical version, please email us at [email protected].